Fired up about NFL Kneeling? Take Chill Pill

Eagles vs. 49ers. Only a few players kneeled at this game, the crowd was chill about it. Photo: Sam Catania / The Lonely Politico

Recently I attended an Eagles game. I got to sit on the field bleachers which was quite the experience, but that’s beside the point. I witnessed with my own eyes NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, and I’d like to address it.

Here’s the gist; anyone getting triggered by this, or triggered by the people getting triggered by this needs to take a minute and chill out because it is honestly the most low key thing ever. Here’s why.

If you think the players should not be kneeling: Look. I get it. Maybe you have a connection to the military, are a patriotic American, or just don’t like it. That’s fine. You are entitled to that opinion but just think about it. Are the players kneeling affecting you in ANY way at all? No. Are they breaking any laws? No. So why does anything need to change? In all honesty, the best way to fight back against the kneeling is to ignore it. Making a big fuss about it just encourages the players to do it more.

If you support the players that choose to kneel: Great. You are entitled to support them. Just stop making a big deal of it. There’s no reason go out and argue on Facebook, or start a social justice movement. It’s fine, don’t complain about something just because it’s possible.

If you are an owner: Well if you don’t care if the kneel, then your work is done. If you do care, you should probably stop caring. Look. People are going to do what they want to do. Sure, you could fire them or something, but what’s the point? That would be short-sighted, and end up inflaming way more people than if you didn’t. All of a sudden, the question of free speech comes up, etc. etc., and things get messy. Just ignore it if you don’t like it.

This kneeling is indeed a lesson of tolerance. Both sides just need to stop shooting each other and keep sports to sports. Let’s not let such a stupid petty thing affect football.

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