It Doesn’t Matter Who You Blame

The face off between radicals from both sides. Photo: Nancy Wiechec / Reuters

Happy November everyone! I’d like to take today as an opportunity to quickly return to a topic I wrote my first two articles mainly about, extremism. Today, my AP US Government teacher showed the class an article in The Atlantic. The article, titled Trump is Radicalizing the Democratic Party provided me with a really unique and interesting insight into Trump’s effect on the other side of the spectrum until I realized one rather crazy thing. The article still made near perfect sense if you changed out Trump’s name for Bernie Sanders. It didn’t stop there. By substituting the media, some parts seemed to flow even BETTER than with the original blame on Mr. Trump.

I was dumbfounded. How could something that clearly seemed so left, so biased, suddenly change meanings completely? But I soon realized that regardless of who the blame was being put on, the story was the same.

For me, this sheds new light on the recent election and the overall state of the Democratic party. I would highly recommend reading this article here. I believe you will see exactly what I see, and since it was powerful for me, maybe it will be compelling for others.

P.S. This would be a great post to comment on. I really want to know what people think of what I just said, as it is obviously a unique opinion, and I am already aware of some flaws my opinion has. Please let me know in the comments what you think!

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