Ahh, Classic Hypocritical Parties

Whoops! The parties messed up. Photo: SaintPetersBlog

Well I have to say. The Republicans had half a fighting chance at being right, until they went all hypocritical. I’m talking the “It’s too soon to talk about ____” phrase we often hear we often after mass shoots or other attacks, now unfortunately a regular occurrence in our country. But while that I’d love to talk about what we can do to combat these things, and what needs to change, that is a discussion for another day. Today, I’m going to briefly bash our two parties.

When the Las Vegas attack occurred, Republicans flipped at Democrats who wanted to regulate guns, but the main reason didn’t relate so much to not wanting gun regulation as they did to this type of legal action being “too soon”. I didn’t agree with this, but I guess they had a slight edge in that some might consider instantly proposing new legislation a little bit disrespectful to the victims. But then, when the New York attack came along, the Republicans started to use it as an opportunity to immediately try and crack down on immigration, and it was the Dems calling this “too soon”.

So the point is, parties need to watch what they say. I think it would be a great service to the American people if would could trust our parties to be honest and non-hypocritical. In terms of the issue of talking “too soon”, obviously response to the attack comes first, but there is no such thing as “too soon”. Pushing it off, waiting until wounds have healed, makes much needed change slower and less likely, and that is not something we need any more of in our oh-so-glorious and efficient republic.

P.S. Obviously not all republicans and democrats are hypocrites in this way, but some of the ‘big ones’ are and they should be called out by their parties for their actions.

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