About Us

Science says we have two main parts to our brains; a left side and a right side. While many people in this country appear to only use one side*, I’m fairly confident I use both. Maybe one a little more than the other, but nonetheless both. In this blog, I hope to break down political divides between those who are strictly left and strictly right. Imagine how much smarter we could all be if we used both sides of our brain! However, don’t expect this to be all neutral. I have very strong opinions, and I’m not afraid to say them. I will side with liberals on some things and conservatives on others. One day I’ll lash out at Trump, the next I’ll applaud something he does. But most importantly, I’ll compromise, and not out of ‘pity’ or ‘fairness’! I’ll only compromise if it is the legitimate best solution, because both sides have valid concerns. Keep reading if you want to understand how Americans can find common ground, and how together, we can stop the taboo of politics at the dinner table!

*The two sides of your brain are not ACTUALLY liberal and conservative… Just a joke 🙂